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Hey there handsomes! Welcome to Flash Game Dojo's online knowledgebase. We're up to a whopping 198 articles helping to explain everything about making games in Flash, from collisions to pathfinding to library-specific implementation details. Our goal is to help people make games and share them! This knowledge base comprises the "help people make games" half of our mission. Flash Game Dojo articles are usually categorized as Snippets, Design articles, Tutorials, or information about tools. You can browse these categories for the info you need, or just use the Search field over there on the left. If you are just here to share your knowledge and experience by writing a new article, click here to learn how.


At Flash Game Dojo, we use Snippets instead of a monumental FAQ. Each snippet addresses a specific question or problem with a few lines of source code. Snippets include articles like How do I change the World?(FlashPunk) and How do colors work?


Sometimes you don't need source code, you need someone to explain exactly WTF is going on in plain language. Or maybe you need advice on art or sound. Either way, Flash Game Dojo's Design articles should help.


Tutorials are, not surprisingly, like really, really in-depth Snippets. Let us walk you through complicated algorithms or problems with Flash step by step.


It's hard to make everything from scratch, which is why we've devoted a whole section of the knowledge base to information about tools like IDEs, pixel art programs, and game libraries.


Flash Game Dojo is powered by you, the community, so when you're ready to share your amazing knowledge with us click here to learn how. If you have any requests for tutorials, snippets, or other pages and articles, submit them on the Requests page and one of our awesome contributors will hopefully take care of it! All I can say is keep it up. this website is so necessary in a time when everyone just wants to talk about how many people someones cheated on their wife with. I mean, thanks for bringing intelligence back to the web, its been sorely missed. Great stuff. Please keep it coming!


Flash Game Dojo was started in March 2010 by Chevy Ray Johnston and Adam 'Atomic' Saltsman as a way to pool their collective knowledge of ActionScript programming, provide a trusted and benevolent host for SWF files, and to help ease new coders into the murky, shark-infested waters of creating their own Flash games. Flash Game Dojo is an ad-free, not-for-profit enterprise for game design education.

Statistics: Number of pages: 1,210, number of edits: 9,100, number of users: 3,371

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